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Cyber Resilience

DEFEND are 100% focused on Cybersecurity solutions and services that make a tangible difference to our customers.

Let us take care of your Cybersecurity Posture.

DEFEND is an award winning company that has proven to support and assist many of New Zealand organisations of National Significance.

We focus on a number of verticals that includes Government, Enterprise, Commercial, Health, Utilities, Manufacturing, Service Providers along with a deep dive into IT/OT convergance to protect critical infrastructure and services.

We are based in Auckland, Wellington and the Midland Regions supporting New Zealand as well as International organisations.


Experienced Team

We have some of the best in the business – dedicated professionals who will take care of you and what’s important to your organization.


Comprehensive Services

Our various service offerings have the breadth to be able to completely secure your environment and keep you compliant with the most vigorous industry compliance checks.


On Call 24/7

Our popular iCE service is 24 x 7 x 365. This means while you’re sleeping – we’re busy keeping your organization and it’s security posture safe and under control.


Technology Agnostic

We aren’t biased. We acknowledge that organizations have all sorts of different technology in play that needs to be secured and supported. Because of this, we know that there’s no one solution that will fit every business. We will work with you to plan an approach that works for both of us.


Everyone is important.

Whether you are a small business, a medium sized company, or an enterprise organization – it makes no difference. We will ensure that your important assets are protected and look after you.


Made in NZ.

We are a New Zealand company, born and bred, happily supporting both local and international organizations with Security service offerings.

What can we do for you?

Our Services

DEFEND provide end to end cybersecurity services to improve your resilience across People, Process & Technology. DEFEND is a business centric technology company that enables customers to improve speed to market and customer credibility.

Threat Protection

Threat Protection is a unified pre and post breach enterprise defence service that natively integrates across endpoint, identity, email, and applications to detect, prevent, investigate and automatically respond to sophisticated attacks..

Threat Detection

Cybersecurity is not something that can be done to you, it must be done with you.

Empowering our customers to understand the threat landscape and the risks faced within and across the business is an enabler that  our customers use to launch new products and services faster and with reduced cost and complexity.

Threat Analysis

The number of threats to this data from cyberattacks and data breaches is mushrooming. Cyberincidents cause organizations to lose money, data, productivity, and consumer trust

Threat Intel

Help stop threats using an award winning service provider who has designed cybersecurity services embedded within their DNA. DEFEND iCE is a uniquely built managed security service using machine learning models.

Incident Response

Our DEFEND Rapid Deploy service creates cloud-based dispatch systems that help first responders act quickly to protect your business and assets.

Service Management

Empower security teams with native integrations, intelligent automation, and expert guidance. DEFEND can work with your internal/external cybersecurity teams or provide a fully managed 24×7 service.

Get in touch and secure your Cyber Future.

Give us an indication of what you’re interested in and we will be in touch as soon as we can.

“If you make security difficult, people will find a way to work around it,” said Nigel Everett, chief executive officer of Defend. “Security should be an enabler to support the business to move and execute faster. 

Nigel Everett

Chief Executive Officer

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